Ah, Yes, Money...

You can’t live with it. You can’t live without it.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Your money wants to be your friend. (Rather badly in fact.) It wants to see your business succeed. It is ready and waiting to help you break down that invisible ceiling you’ve put on your bank account.

But in order to make that happen, you MUST understand what your money language is trying to tell you. (Yes, didn’t you know your money could talk?)


I know you’re frustrated...


You work hard, but your income isn’t growing. Instead you've been trading in your health and well-being taking care of everyone else (even to the point of being resentful and exhausted).

You keep telling yourself that “money doesn’t matter” – but you find yourself paying way too much attention to it. (I see you nodding your head…are you one of those women who can’t sleep at night because you’re always worried about money? Been there. Done that.)

You’re earning a decent living but savings? What’s that? Spending makes you feel good, but your bank account isn’t happy. You find no matter how much you’ve earned and saved, the sense of security just isn’t there.

You don’t trust money will be there for you when you need it. When it comes to money conversations with family, friends, clients, or whoever, you often feel uncomfortable, tense and wish you could avoid talking about it at all.

No matter how much money you make or save, it never feels like enough. In fact, you look at your bank balance as a measurement of your success. I told you I understood.

Kimberly helped me uncover the fog around my money patterns so I could balance my power while having fun and creating the life I desire. By revealing my money archetypes, I was able to see my spirit's truer desires in my relationship to making, receiving, saving and investing...what a fresh breath of air that was!

Kimberly's brilliant blend of practical money systems paired with her intuition will rapidly support you from sabotaging your finances and immediately help you start manifesting more luxury...and start enjoying more of what you make!”

Lucinda Kinch, Graphics Visionary, Brand Expert & Expression Catalyst

It’s Time to Kiss Your Money Drama Goodbye - For Good

Right now you may be thinking: “oh come on, that’s never going to happen.” But you CAN own your value, get rid of the money drama and create your financial future.

I know because I’ve been exactly where you are, and I’ve worked with countless clients who have been too.

For years, I was reeling in my money drama, thinking something was wrong with me. I took every class, read every book but I always ended up feeling stupid. Defeated. Depressed.

And then I discovered my Money Archetypes. And I had a serious Holy Shit moment!  I finally realized that my story, my attitude, my everything about money was seriously messed up.

Finally, something made sense. There was nothing wrong with me.  Not a damn thing.

I just wasn’t honoring my money language.

"I can't say enough good things about working with Kimberly.

Thanks to the work I've done with her, today another wonderful lady joined me in a project that has been 'in the works' since November 2011. I've been saying all year that 2013 would be the year I finally got it out there and it's taken until now (and amazing support from Kim) to actually make that a reality.

I also understand things about myself and the people around me in a way I never expected to be possible and can not recommend Kim and her money archetypes work enough."

El Edwards, Founder of The Itchy Soul

Introducing Your Money Language

A deep dive that you and I take into the world of your money. We dig up your stories around it, we look for patterns and we get to the root of how you feel and behave about your money.

In your session, you will:

  • Uncover your top 3 Money Superpowers (also known as Your Money Language), revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.

  • Troubleshoot your money blind spots that are likely causing that invisible ceiling on your income and learn ways you can break free from those barriers.

  • Learn to empower your voice when discussing money in any situation, and recognize how learning this could potentially add thousands of dollars to your bank account.

  • Walk away with actionable steps that you can implement right away to empower your relationship to your money rather than sabotage it.

Learning about my top money archetypes was really eye-opening. What a relief to know that I can work around my "bad" money habits and indulge them while solving the problem at the same time!

I was really nervous to sign up for the session because when it comes to money, I was afraid to learn that I had some type of evil personality trait that would prevent me from ever being successful. SO glad I pushed through and went for it - I learned SO much about how get my petty little money feelings in line!”

Jessica Kupferman, Brand Strategist, Techie Superstar

Here's what you get:

  • (1) 60-minute session deep dive where you + I get down and dirty with your money.
  • A recording of the session.
  • A checklist of simple actions you can start to take right away to change your relationship to your money.
  • (1) 30-minute follow-up session to check-in on your progress.

So, what's your investment?


Remember, money is at the heart of every decision you make. So, don’t you think it’s time to play nice?

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“When I signed up for the money breakthrough session with Kimberly, I wasn't sure what to expect. Having done the Ravishing Renegade, I only knew she would work her magic.

The session with Kimberly blew me away. Learning my top three money archetypes was like being handed the keys to the kingdom. It was a relief. Suddenly I had words to describe why I do what I do...Why I judged people and even why I bought things thinking it would make me feel better. It felt like she knew me.

The biggest breakthrough was a single question. A single question meant to raise the vibration of my nurturer and prevent the weaknesses of my archetype from sabotaging myself....And it unlocked years of programming for me. I suddenly realized how that unconscious programming had been running my life. For years, when someone told me their troubles, I felt the need to 'fix' it...more to the point, I felt the need to throw money at it...even when I didn't have enough for myself. I had to take care of others. And it made me realize how often I made choices, based on my assumptions and programming, only to then resent the other person for it. When they'd never asked for money in the first place!!!

Wow. Eye opening.  And it's changed my life. I have so much freedom by recognizing my own assumptions! Thank you, Kimberly.”

Gigi Abdel-Samed, ER Physician

"The clarity I received from just one session with Kimberly has made a remarkable difference in my story with money. My 'AHA!' moment came almost immediately and I was able to finally move through a blind spot that was greatly debilitating my money making potential.

Kimberly and her work are truly remarkable - I can't say enough good things - and I love working with her. She's the greatest catalyst to my recent financial success and I'm so grateful for her divine talents!"

Stephanie Jiroch, Founder, VaVa Voom Virtual Assisting

"My money session with Kimberly was an eye-opening experience. She helped me get to the bottom of my irresponsible spending, which had really been causing problems in my life. Not only that, but she helped me come up with a plan to stop the reckless spending.

Since my session with Kim I'm so happy to report that I haven't been buying frivolous things that I don't need anymore and I'm working on getting myself out of debt rather than digging the hole deeper like I had been for so long.

I'm confident that had I not had my session with Kim I'd still be on a bad money path. If you're struggling with money I strongly recommend a session with Kim. She's not only brilliant, but highly intuitive and the exercises she'll take you through will have you seeing money in a whole new light. This has been a life-changing experience!"

Jessica Brown, It's an Everyday Life Thing